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Its Been a Great Year to be a Gator
It's Been a Great Year to be a Gator
Adrian Ho, Staff • May 10, 2024
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See You Later, Alligator
Victoria Kissima, Staff • May 10, 2024
British Invasion! In the North Star Music Department
British Invasion! In the North Star Music Department
Josh Goodrich, Sr. Photo Editor • May 3, 2024

Where does Lilith go?


Ms. Hill always has cool ideas on how to get students more involved in class. Her idea of the Hedgehog Lilith, came from a woman who was friends with her friend from college. They met at a bridal shower for their mutual friend and the lady talked about her Hedgehog named Lilith who she always took on vacation, and created a instagram page dedicated to all of the pictures she took of Lilith in different places.

Ms. Hill got the idea to do a project with a stuffed Hedgehog named Lilith when she was talking to a colleague who used to work at North Star and they told her about the Flat Stanley project they did with their students. She remembered Lilith and thought doing her own version would be a great idea to get students engaged and help bring back memories from their childhood. She started doing this project in the fall of 2022, and this is her third semester doing it.

She stated that her favorite part of having students do the project with Lilith was, “I like how into it some of the kids get, just like really taking her places, taking fun pictures, and maybe feeling a little bit like a kid again doing outside the ordinary of high school projects.” She also said another one of her favorite parts is when the kids make little clothing items for Lilith. There have been a lot of students who have made different things like hats and such.

When you get Lilith the whole point is to keep her for a week and take pictures of the cool activities you do with Lilith and create a fake Instagram post with a paragraph in the point of view of Lilith, explaining what she did in her time with you. Ms.Hill’s favorite so far has been when a student took her on vacation with them and took pictures of the activities Lilith did. She said it was her favortie because it really portrayed the true idea of where she got the idea of Lilith.

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Calie Estrada
Calie Estrada, Staff
I’m Calie, a senior at North Star, and this is my first year doing yearbook. I’m excited to learn more about North Star and the people in the building. My favorite thing about North Star is Istoria and the great opportunities it gives.

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    Ms. HillJan 15, 2024 at 8:47 pm

    Thanks for the shoutout, Calie!
    <3 Ms. Hill & Lilith!