North Star Seniors Feel More Excited and Restless

North Star Seniors Feel More Excited and Restless

Gators look forward to the future as graduation nears

AAs the school year comes closer to an end, the seniors are getting more and more excited and restless. The North Star Gators have completed three quarters of the 2023-2024 school year meaning this one last quarter is going to be packed full of fun activities. Prom as well as senior only activities like senior skip day, will be the highlights of this quarter for many and after asking a few seniors what they were looking forward to in their final days here at North Star High School, many seniors were eager to answer. 

When senior Elli Meyers was asked about what she was most looking forward to, she shared, “Senior skip day is what I’m looking forward to the most. It gives me a chance to hangout with a lot of my senior friends and I can have a day of no school.” The gators senior skip day will be on April 19th, the Friday before our 2024 North Star prom which senior Ali Johnson explains, “Prom is what I’m most excited for. It gives me an excuse to dress up and go out to dinner with the people close to me!” This year’s prom theme is Tangled which is a huge student favorite Disney movie.

Spring sports have also officially been up and running here at the swamp for a few weeks. Sports such as soccer, baseball, and tennis are packed full with the 2024 senior class. On the girls soccer team there are a total of 9 senior girls and for the boys they have 11. Girls tennis also has 6 seniors and track and field has a huge total of 13 seniors. Even baseball has 5 seniors this year. With senior heavy teams, the gator community is going to have an emotional send off but that would be for another few weeks so we’re all glad to be able to savor these moments with our favorite seniors.

However, even though the school year is still in motion, some seniors such as Mateen Yousif and Josh Goodrich have expressed how excited they are to graduate. “I’m looking forward to graduating,” Josh explains, “It’s a representation of us seniors starting a new chapter in our lives.” His friend, senior Mateen Younis chimed in to add, “It’s what we have been working forward too since day one of high school”.

When it comes to looking forward to the next chapter of these senior’s lives Corban Barnacle isn’t ashamed to admit his eagerness. “I’m looking forward to the social life I will have in college. Meeting new people will be such a highlight for me.” 

College gives everyone an opportunity to continue to discover who they are and what they will become. Every senior here at Lincoln North Star has such a bright future ahead of them and no matter what they choose to do after high school we will always be proud of them. As of now though, the gator will continue to soak up these final moments with the class of 2024 and continue to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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