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North Star Seniors Feel More Excited and Restless
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Man on Mars

LNS Teacher, Jace Ahlberg, talks Marvin the Martian

This first cartoon ever made with synchronized sound was produced in 1928, which happens to be the classic steamboat scene where the famous character Mickey Mouse would be born. Since then cartoons have reached unimaginable heights. Since 1928, multiple different genres and forms of cartoons have been created. Think back to your own childhood. I’m sure there was this one certain cartoon that you would wake up specifically to watch. For some it was Cat Dog, others It was Power Puff Girls, for Jace Ahlberg it was Looney Toons and from their his love for Marvin the Martian was born

Marvin the Martian is featured in both the Looney Toon series and the Merrie Melodies series. This little alien was introduced in 1948 as a “villain” trying to destroy earth with his Illudian PU-36. His reason claimed to be “it obstructs my view of Venus” however Bugs Bunny always seems to foil his plans. “I’ve been watching this show as a kid”, Ahlberg says.

Even though Marvin is featured in only a few episodes he still has his own little one liners and catch phrases. A few of his most common ones include “Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom!”, “Isn’t that lovely?”, and “This makes me very angry, very angry indeed.” Ahlberg says his personal favorite catch phrase was “where is my Illudian PU-36!” He also goes on to talk about how he named his car, a jeep wrangler, after that simple phrase.

Ahlberg has designed both his classroom and his car with this cartoon character. When he was asked why he liked this cartoon character so much he stated, “He’s just so obscure. Everyone else liked Bugs Bunny and Tweety and all of the other well known characters. He’s just more unknown and that’s why I like him”. Ahlberg is a great example to show others that it’s okay to like something that is less known and not the most popular thing. It’s important to show off what you enjoy and what you like. Even if it’s something as simple as cartoons, it’s important to be who you are!

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