Gator Football Takes on #2 in State

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Gator Football Takes on #2 in State

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By Chase Martin

“What have we got to lose?”

The phrase was tossed around the week of Thursday, Sept. 8. The varsity football team took on number 2 Bellevue West.

North Star, who was ranked 15th in the state, entered Thursday night with the “grind it out” mentality.

Bellevue West took an early 13-0 lead with a missed field goal. After a Gator punt to the Thunderbirds, Bellevue West threw an interception to free safety Anthony Kirby.

The team was back in it.

Scoring after the interception, the Gators recovered a fumble on the following drive. Quarterback Gavyn Leitschuck to receiver Matt Alexander for a Gator touchdown put the boys up 14-13. But, before halftime, the Thunderbirds took a 20-14 lead.

“Going into halftime, despite Bell. West scoring at the last few seconds, our tempo was high and focus was intense. We were in a close battle with the number two team in the state,” Senior Andrew Merrick said.

As the sun fell, the scoreboard rose. The Gators fell to Bellevue West 41-21 at the end.