Milk and Honey Book Review

By Olivia Kriz/GG Staff

Poetry is an art.

It takes writing stories to a new level. It explains the hurt and emotional times just as much as the happy and cheerful times.

According to, a poet writes to share his or her memories. Their feelings are within the lines. The poet reads them back to him or herself in attempt to feel it again, to purify the feeling of it. That same emotion they had felt. But all poets are different. Some write about the pain and suffering that goes on, others will write about the love and care that happens.

Rupi Kaur, author of “Milk and Honey,” did both.

“Milk and Honey” was written by 24-year-old Rupi Kaur, and was published Nov. 4, 2014. “Milk and Honey” is her only book.

There are four chapters, the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. Each chapter is a part of her life.

The first chapter, the hurting, is about her childhood. How she was taken away from her home in India. How she was taught that women are nothing and only for men’s enjoyment. How she was sexually abused as a child, and about the hardships she went through.

The second chapter, the loving, is about her later years. She tells about her love life, how she fell in love, and all the feelings she felt. Kaur also writes about how she was beginning to love herself as well.

The third chapter, the breaking, is about how she feels after her lover breaks up with her. She writes about her anger and sadness.

The last chapter, the healing, is about how Kaur finally gets through the hurt and pain. She talks about her hard times and the good times. She gives advice about how to move on and how to love yourself.

“Milk and Honey” has many reviews. Women love this book, because it talks about heartbreak and some of the emotional times that occur in a lifetime.

Junior Maliya Moore said, “I think it really leads me through my self problems and gives me hope. It’s really deep and gives you something to think about.”

Kaur’s book has fans everywhere. She takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. She’ll have you smiling one minute and the next you’ll be in tears. Great job Kaur. Many people can grow and learn from her work.

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Milk and Honey Book Review