Costume Crazy

By Matthew Mangels/GG Staff Writer

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. This year, according to CNN 171 million people will participate in this years halloween with 7 out of 10 consumers planning to hand out candy. Total spending in 2016 will reach $8.4 billion or higher, with the average consumer planning to spend $82.93 on decorations, candy, and costumes.

Costumes come in many varieties, including morphsuits. Freshman Brock Homeyer said, “My favorite Halloween costume is a morphsuit.” Morphsuits cover every part of your body like a skin-tight shirt and are very popular during Halloween because they come in many varieties, from superheroes to zombies.

Some people go all out when decorating  for Halloween  with lights, spider webs, and skeletons.

Sophomore Paige Svehla said, “My favorite costume for Halloween is a ghost because they are scary.” Ghosts have always been a staple costume for Halloween. With sheets and scissors, it can easily be accomplished and reused over and over.

According to CNN, the most popular kid costumes are a princess, superheroes, animals, and “Frozen” characters. The most popular adult costumes are witches, animals, Batman, zombies, and Star Wars characters. The most popular pet costumes are pumpkin, hot dog, Batman, devil and a bumble bee.

The most popular place for Halloween adventures around Lincoln are Roca “Scary” Farm and Valas Pumpkin Patch. With races in mini bikes and pumpkins during the day, to haunted houses and scary paths with scary people and scary costumes makes for a great crowd pleaser.

On Halloween night, driving through neighborhoods by Kooser Elementary,  five dinosaur costumes in a row walked down the sidewalk. It was one of the more popular costume choices this season..

In the Highlands, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters was a hit, but little kids in tiny costumes riding in  little wagons was a hit too..

No matter what your choice for Halloween, trick-or-treaters are sure to load up on all kinds of treats this year.