Marching Band Season ends

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By Katelyn Neumann/GG  Staff Writer

Saturday, Oct. 22 marked the end of the 2016 marching band season. This year’s show was titled “Beatlemania” and featured 60’s era colorguard uniforms and flags and classic Beatles hits like “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Yesterday.” The band took to the field seven times during the season for four football games, and three competitions.

Marching competitions are where marching bands across the state perform their show for a ranking. Bands rankings are based 40 percent on their marching performance and 60 percent on their musical performance. Competing bands can receive a ranking between one and five, one being the highest and five the lowest.

North Star’s band received a two at the Capitol City Marching Competition, a 2 at Lincoln Public Schools Marching Competition, and ended the marching season on a high note with a 1 at the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association Marching Competition (State).

Marching band is a busy activity. The band kicks off their season two weeks before school starts with band camp. Students attend camp from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, spending a majority of that time outside learning the choreography of the show. Once school starts, the group meets every day for a 7 a.m. class and every Tuesday evening for rehearsal. On top of all of this, the band is required to be at all of the football games and their competitions.

“Marching band is really difficult,” said Chase Barton (12). “It’s harder than football sometimes, but it’s also a really great time.”

Even with all the hard work and requirements students still love the class and take pride in their performance. “One of the best parts about band is hitting that last note at a performance and just feeling this sense of pride wash over you,” said Sidney Thimgan (12).

To many of the students, marching band isn’t just a class, it’s something special. “It’s a family that you know you belong in,”  said Kimberly Luis (11). “ We are accepting and, unlike other classroom settings, there is the support and presence of wanting to help others improve. You can’t find that in other classes.”

Although students were sad to see the season end, they are excited and already planning for next year. “I think we had a great season, but there’s still a lot we could do better and I’m excited to improve upon those things next year,” said Sarah Johnston (10).