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It's Been a Great Year to be a Gator
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Class Culture With Codr


Mr. Codr is currently the photography teacher here at North Star. Codr teaches both beginner-level classes including darkroom projects, as well as more advanced classes which involve the use of modern digital cameras. Between teaching students how to create chemical drawings in the darkroom, and explaining how a camera works, Codr does it all. But what makes Mr. Codr special is his ability to create a welcoming culture and community within his classes. This feeling is shared by the vast majority of his students. 

One way Codr achieves this is by encouraging everyone to connect with each other. “Students that would otherwise not talk to each other are friends in Codr’s class,” stated Gianna Battiato. Additionally, Jace Medina claims he is “more likely to talk to people in Codr’s class because Codr wants everyone to get to know each other.” Being able to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t have is something that all students are able to enjoy in Codr’s class. 

Another way Codr creates a unique class culture is by allowing students to express themselves. Anas Ibrahim explained how “in Codr’s class you can express yourself more and have fun.” When students have the ability to freely express themselves, the class will inevitably become more connected as students will begin to bond with each other.  

Despite his students having rough ideas on how he creates such a connected community, Codr himself doesn’t have a definitive answer as to how he does it. He describes how “[he] doesn’t know exactly how it happens.” Anyone that has been in his class will know that he has the nearly effortless ability to connect and bond with each and every one of his students. 

Although not a lot of people take photography class, there’s definitely something to be said about Codr’s way of teaching. Even if you don’t take a photography class with him, you can always count on Codr to make you feel welcome here at North Star.

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Chase Strohmyer
Chase Strohmyer, Photo Editor
Hi my name is Chase Strohmyer and this is my first year being in LNS Mass Media. Currently, I like to go around to different sporting events and take pictures at them. 
My favorite part about North Star is the environment. Every teacher you meet is nice and willing to help you. 

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