2017 French Election

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By Jennifer Yuma/GG Staff Writer

Many American’s are paying more attention to the French election this time around, because the country just recently had their own presidential election with current President, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton. There have been many correlating factors in the two elections between the candidates involved.

The two candidates who will be fighting for the presidency in France are Marie Le Pen of the National Front (FN), the right wing politician, and Emmanuel Macron of En Marche, (‘On the Move!’) the moderate progressive politician. Both have had very good standing in the presidential polls, with Macron leading with 59.8 percent and Le Pen at 40.2 percent.

“The media is making the French election out to be more polarizing than it actually is,” said French teacher, Mrs. Heminger. “The French really don’t have as brutal tactics to winning the election as I would say, America’s elections have had.”

When there have been scandals in the American eye, the French don’t see it the same way. “U.S media has been cracking down on the fact that Emmanuel Macron is married to the woman who is 30 years his senior, who he started dating when he was 17 when he was a student, and she was his teacher,” said Heminger. “The French are very laissez-faire, they don’t worry about people’s private lives, so to bring that up in the election didn’t rile up any feathers in regards to them changing their vote because of it.”

Another similarity is the fact that nobody thought candidate Marie Le Pen would be where she is now; one of the two candidates who will could the presidency. The right wing party in France have never advanced through the primary election.

Le Pen and Trump are similar in the fact that they are both viewed as “nationalists” to their respective countries. Le Pen wants to take France out of the European Union, and completely from NATO. Both are very strict on immigration, and aggressive background checks.

Macron is also similar to Trump, in the fact that he has never held any public office, with his background focusing more primarily on business, which is how Trump started out as well.

“Macron is like a private business man, more moderate, which in America is your average liberal. It seems as though many more politicians have spoken out in favor of Macron,” said French teacher, Mrs. Pilney.

In August 2016, Macron quit the government to form a centrist party and launch a Presidential bid as a maverick outsider, according to an article published by telegraph.co.uk in regards to Macron. It is said he is to be the projected winner.

The election that will declare the presidential winner will be held on May 7.