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North Star’s Music Preferences

North Star’s Music Preferences

As we all know Lincoln North Star High School has a diverse student and faculty population. This comes with a diverse music taste, and different streaming platforms. Difference platforms give exposure to different types of music, whether it’s through ads or featured songs. Students’ preferences on where they listen to their music shapes North Star’s identity.

After multiple interviews as well as a school wide poll, the most listened to music streaming platform overwhelmingly was Spotify. Sitting at 59.6%, Spotify is the most highly used platform for multiple different reasons.

According to Lena Cortez-Philpot, Spotify is the best streaming service to use due to the fact it, “has a wide range of music,” that cross over multiple different genres.

The runner up for the most listened to streaming service is Apple Music. This service is used by users who have an iPhone or other apple device. About 14.6% of the school listens to Apple Music. The least listened to service being at 2.1% of our school’s population listening to it is Pandora. Pandora is a service that acts similarly to the radio, recommending music coming from similar artists the user picks.

When it comes to a diverse school, a diverse selection comes with. One of the more unique responses that was given was a walkman. For students or faculty who don’t know, a walkman is a small cassette player with headphones so people can listen to music. These were popular around the 80’s and 90’s.

After all of this, the widespread range of music North Star listens to, you can really tell gators love their music!

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    Ezekiel MenterOct 5, 2023 at 11:16 am

    Very interesting to see the diverse use of streaming services!