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It's Been a Great Year to be a Gator
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See You Later, Alligator
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British Invasion! In the North Star Music Department
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New Year, New Rules

Mr. Boles poses at LNS.

The scholars that attend North Star are slowly approaching the end of the first quarter of their 2023-2024 school year. With the district enforcing changes this year, the students have been patiently complying with all of the new rules and regulations. Two of the biggest changes from last year include a Digital Hall Pass that students are required to fill out before exiting the classroom as well as the new no phone rule. 

The Digital Hall Pass was made as an attempt to limit the amount of students outside of the classroom during class time. The pass only allows 20 students to be out of their classroom at once. According to head campus supervisor, Lanny Bolles, the new rules are, “An absolute game changer.” After 21 years of working here, he mentions, “It is by far the least amount of student issues for behavior and activity that isn’t productive for school.” It’s quite obvious that the Digital Hall Pass is having a positive impact on our school. While most of the staff are fond of the pass, most students are highly against it. One of their biggest arguments against it is the issue regarding the 20 student maximum. There are times students are unable to go to the restroom or leave the classroom due to the hall being at a maximum capacity. Some students may have to use the restroom, in an emergency matter, and they just are allowed to go and exceptions are made. Students may be spending class time clicking the submit button until a spot is available for them. This drawback has created frustration for students but it is something the staff is working on finding a solution for. The no phone rule has also created a positive impact throughout the school. When asked, Bolles said, “students are paying attention more and having less homework.” The absence of phones has created improvements for students in the classroom as well as a more involved classroom environment for the teachers. 

The new district rules at North Star will continue to have a positive impact throughout the year. Even though there are some drawbacks, the North Star staff are working on creating the best learning environment for students. 

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Mateen Younis, Staff
Greetings Earthlings! My name is Mateen Younis and I’m a senior at North Star. This is my rookie year in Mass Media. I was scouted heavily before being recruited by coach Shelby Cowan. Now that I’m committed, I vow to give it my all and not let my team down. 
My favorite part of North Star would have to be all of the great teachers we have here. 

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