Cold Weather Tips for Your Car

Dillon Brandt, Staff Writer

The cold weather can wreck havoc on your car if you don’t take proper precautions.

  • Warm car up for at least 5 minutes to make sure the engine has enough time to warm up and all of the fluids in the line to get warm so nothing breaks. Senior Jacob Bajc said, “I always warm my truck up at least five to ten minutes in the winter so all of the lines get thawed out and nothing causes my truck to breakdown in the cold weather.”
  • Keep an extra heavy coat in the car incase vehicle breaks down you aren’t stuck in the freezing cold
  • Have a ice scraper handy to get of ice when it gets bad outside
  • Keep a pair of gloves in the car in case vehicle breaks down to keep your hands warm
  • First aid kit incase of an injury or accident
  • Make sure tires are have enough air, in the winter the cold weather tends to drop your tire pressure
  • Set car to defrost to help get the frost away and prevent windows and windshield fog so you don’t have to drive your car without being able to properly see
  • Dress warm in case vehicle breaks down
  • Keep sand or Kitty litter in trunk to weigh down back end and also in case you get stuck you can put it down by your tires for traction.