Balancing Act

MaKayla Polak, Staff Writer

For many students, going to a part time job after seven hours at school is common.

While some students have great luck with their first job, many students move on to  second or third jobs, some may quit to find a better job, and others, get fired.

Some places who hire high school students include retail stores, fast food, and restaurants. Most companies know  when they hire non-experienced high school students, they are taking a risk. Students with no experience have trouble finding jobs because of this reason.

Students who have experience are more likely to get a job faster. With experience, companies know that you are capable of learning and doing well.

Most places will ask for prior work information. Leaving your old employer on good terms will make you look more successful.

“Finding your first job is difficult  because most places want experience, but you don’t have any because this is going to be your first job. I volunteered at a couple places and now when I fill out an application, I can put that down as experience,” said Brooke Oestmann (11).

When your new employer calls your current or previous employer, you want to make sure they would have only good things to say about you.

Volunteering at different places and events also looks good on an application. When you volunteer, you make yourself known and more involved. Volunteering also is credited towards job experience when filling out an application.

You may think volunteering at People City Mission will not help you get a job at Applebee’s, but volunteering helps you acquire skills and knowledge to help in the work force.

Knowing your skills and what you do good at can also help you. When you fill out an application, sometimes the company will ask what skills you have that would help you perform the job. When you go in for the interview, they will ask you that same question.

Skills such as organization, working well with others, outgoing, enthusiastic, and confidence are all great things to have.

The last thing to think about when choosing a job is to think about how you would do working there. You want to be able to work there and be happy at your place of work.

Your job should be a fun place to work. When choosing where you are going to work, the place should always be somewhere you look forward to going.

“It is important not take your job too seriously. When you relax and have fun, work becomes more enjoyable and you do much better at it,” said Pierce Krouse (12).