Trump Administration Weakened Endangered Spieces Act

Za'naya Thompson, Staff Writer

The Endangered Species Act has said that the Trump Administration has put aside important protections for threatened and endangered species to the benefit exploitative industries, and has excluded wildlife experts from the decision making process. The result will cause more species to cease to exist in our lifetime.

The changes are intended to make it more challenging to save wildlife and their habitats, with threatened species will no longer receiving automatic protections. The Endangered Species Act is a program that provides the conservation of threatened and endangered plants and animals and the habitats in which they are found. The law also prohibits and action causing the list of endangered species numbers to decline.

World scientists have warned that 1 million species are at risk of becoming extinct. Instead of the Trump Administration working to protect these species from becoming extinct due to climate change, they are driven to remove Endangered Species Act protection.

With the help of the Endangered Species Act, estimated 99 percent of animals, plants, and insects protected by law have been saved from extinction. Public support helps maintain safety for the animals.

Everyday across the country, people are mobilizing to help protect and save wildlife. Whether it’s campaigning to help protect local habitats, or challenging illegitimate actions through the courts, the Sierra Club Organization continue to remain dedicated to protecting wildlife.