Getting Ready for End of the School Year

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By Jacob Cruikshank/ GG Staff

The school year is nearly to an end and it’s time to start preparing for finals. Usually students lay off studying and getting their grades up and do it last minute. Getting ready for finals early might help you be less stressed during this time.


There are many ways to study that’ll help get good grades on the finals.

  • Study Space: Set up a study place that is calm and quiet.
  • Set Time Limits: Have enough time to study and comprehend everything.
  • Get a style of studying: There are many way to study including flashcards, quizzing yourself, or just looking over the information. Flashcards can help with studying because it will make you get to know the answers to problems. Some people are visual learners so looking at the study guide might help.
  • Take Breaks: Studying too much can cause someone to do bad on a test. If you are tired while studying taking a break could be the key.
  • Motivate Yourself: It’s important to stay motivated while studying, so remembering your goals can help.

Studying will help to get grades up, but it can also help to do missing homework or schoolwork. Math class usually has homework every night, so it’s easy to lose track of it  English essays at the end of the year can be overwhelming too, but finishing them when they are due is good.

Doing all of these tips can help finish the year strong.